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Lifetime Membership

Lifetime Membership is awaded to members who have completed a minimum of 25 years of service.

  • Robert Brodhead Jr

  • Debbie Kulick

  • Steve Kulick

  • Barbara Kulick

  • Christina Turn

  • Greg Turn

  • Gail Kulick

  • Valerie Escalet

Senior Active Members

Senior Active Members are those volunteers who have completed a minimum of 15 years of service.

Maude Bensley             Walter P. Bensley         Emmett Bensley

Jean Bensley                 Art Bolger                      Robert Brodhed Jr.

Bernard Brodkin            John Christy                  John Costic

Christina Cramer            Charlie Degan               Edward Dickison

Valerie Escalet               Steven Kulick                Gail Kulick

Barbara Kulick                Marianne Kulick           Debbie Kulick

Sue Kulick                       Chris Kuna                    Robert Minter 

Thomas Rohner              John Rohner                 Nancy Rosen

Kenneth Sarer                Christina Turn               Greg Turn

Raymond M. Felmly        Raymond S. Felmly       Nancy Felmly

Community Board of Directors

Community Board of Directors is members of the public at large who provide an "outside" view and represent the general public. These members also contribute their own special area of expertise as board members.

Volunteer of the Year

The Volunteer of the year is chosen by our membership each year.  It is awarded to the member who shows outstanding volunteerism in many different areas (running shifts, fundraising, education, administration, ect.).

1994 - Art Bolger                       1995 - Roger Nevers           1996 - Patti Dennis
1997 - Jeanie Schultz               1998 - Mike Batchler            1999 - Stan Pankowski

1999 - Vickii Cahill                     2000 - Art Bolger                  2001 - Raymond M. Felmly

2002 - Kristina Fetter                2003 - Stephen Billeck        2003 - Ryan Felmly

2004 - Karen Palaia                   2005 - Wanda Colter            2005 - Nancy Felmly

2006 - Ryan Felmly                    2007 - Joseph Bolger          2008 Kim Kuehn 

Community Appreciation Award

Presented for extraordinary support of Bushkill Emergency Corps. in its mission to serve our community over an extended period of time.

2001 - Ralph Turn Jr.                               2003 - Shawnee Development Inc.

2003 - W. Peter Ahnert                            2003 - Ret. Judge Albert Murray

2003 - Dr. Peter Favini                            2009 - Family Ford

Bushkill Emergency Corp

P.O. Box 174

Bushkill, Pa., 18324