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       On this page we will introduce our officers and Board of Director Members. Please call our office to contact any officer.


  • Ahnert Jr., Peter - Board of Directors

  • Joseph Bolger - Board of Directors, Communications Officer, Lieutenant, Oxygen Officer

  • Duffy, Bill - Board of Directors, Chairman

  • Duffy, Sue - Vice President, ALS coordinator

  • Farrelly, Dennis - Board of Directors, Treasurer

  • Favini M.D., Peter - Director of Medical Command, Board of Directors

  • Felmly, Nancy - Board of Directors

  • Felmly, Ray - Captain, Board of Directors

  • Felmly, Raymond - Lieutenant

  • Felmly, Ryan - Lieutenant, Engineer, Board of Directors
  • Kulick, Barbara - Auxiliary, Financial Secretary

  • Kulick, Debbie - President, Transport officer, Board of Directors, Privacy Officer

  • Murray Jr., Albert "Sonny" - Board of Directors

  • Moorhead, Mark - Board of Directors